• #53 Main Burner Orifice - LP (H9159)

    Replacement 30,000 BTU #53 LP main burner orifice for Superior & Ironstrike gas fireplaces. Fits the following models:  Superior Gas Fireplaces: DRI2032TEP Ironstrike Gas Fireplaces: MPI27TEP MPI27CDTEP IHP part # H9159OEM IHP Part
  • 1/2 Inch 110-120 Snap Switch (H8682)

    Replacement 1/2 inch 110-120 degree snap switch/ blower snap switch for Lennox IronStrike wood stoves & fireplaces. Fits the following models: Lennox/IronStrike Wood Stoves: MontLake ML230 MontLake ML300 IHP Part Number: H8682OEM Replacement part...
  • Montlake Blower Wire Harness (H8684)

    Replacement blower wire harness for IronStrike wood stoves. Fits the following models: IronStrike Wood Stoves: MontLake ML230 MontLake ML300 IronStrike part # H8684OEM IHP part May fit other models, please check owners manual for part number...