A freestanding pellet stove is perfect for a camp or your house.  

  • GC60 pellet stove in living room

    Greenfire GC60 Cast Pellet Stove

    Cast Iron Pellet Stove The latest addition to the Hampton Collection is the Large Cast Iron Biomass Pellet Stove. This environmentally-friendly heater combines all of the best features of traditional cast iron with the latest developments in alternative...
  • GF55 pellet stove in living room

    Greenfire GF55 Pellet Stove

    Contemporary Pellet Stove Regency's Greenfire Medium Pellet Stove was designed with a large bay ceramic window to give you an exceptional view of the fire. Steel fluted liner panels compliment the classic pedestal design, which includes a large...
  • GF40 pellet stove

    Greenfire GF40 Pellet Stove

    Modern Pellet Stove The Greenfire Small Pellet Stove features a modern and compact design, with a multi-tube heat exchanger that will heat your room evenly and efficiently. Included with this stove is a large ash pan and slim hearth pad, making clean up...
  • Maxx pellet stove

    Maxx Pellet Freestanding Stove

    Features Tri-mode operating system. Large 1320 in2 heat exhanger. Dual chamber ash pan removal. Automatic controls. Remote thermostat compatible. Massive 130 lbs hopper capacity. Includes Door, Convection Fan and Hearth Pad.
  • EF2 pellet stove

    EF2 Pellet Freestanding Stove

    Features Firebox brick liner. Recessed hopper lid handle. Heavy-duty heat exchanger. Welded firebox. Full pedestal ash pan. Easy-to-use controls. Mobile home approved.
  • P3 pellet stove

    P3 Pellet Freestanding Stove

    Features European designed cast iron accents. Large capacity pellet hopper. Heavy duty welded heat exchanger. New "Comfort Level" system with internal thermostat. P3 Side Panel Kit with Ash Pan Lip Painted Black
  • M55 pellet stove

    M55 Steel Pellet Freestanding Stove

        Features Huge 80 lbs hopper capacity. Fluted cast iron firebox liner. Tri-mode thermostat. Remote thermostat compatible. Large, full-pedestal ash pan
  • M55 pellet stove

    M55 Cast Iron Pellet Freestanding Stove

        Features Cast iron construction. Tri-mode thermostat. Large hopper capacity (60 lbs) Operates with cast doors open or closed. Available in painted black
  • mini pellet stove

    Mini A Pellet Freestanding Stove

        Features Automatic controls "Run Quiet" system Large ash pan Includes bolt-on hearth pad Tri-mode thermostat Large heat exchanger Levelling legs Hearth Pad incuded