• Isle Royale Baffle Handle - Brushed Nickel (7000-114)

    Replacement brushed nickel baffle handle for Quadra-Fire wood stoves. Fits the following model: Quadra-Fire Wood Stoves: Isle Royale Quadra-Fire part # 7000-114OEM HHT part May fit other models, please check your owner's manual for part number...
  • Elbow Catch (7000-393) Image 0

    Elbow Catch (7000-393)

    Replacement elbow catch for Quadra-Fire pellet stoves. Fits the following models: Quadra-Fire pellet stoves: Edge 60 MT Vernon AE - 2006 to 2019 MT Vernon E2 - 2014 to 2018 MTV-E2-C - 2017 to 2018 MT VERNON INSERT-AE MT VERNON INSERT-AE MT VERNON...
  • Capacitor Jumper 104K (7000-150) Image 0

    Capacitor Jumper 104K (7000-150)

    Replacement capacitor jumper 104K for Quadra-Fire pellet stoves. This part is used to adapt new feed motors to the old harnesses. Fits the following models: Quadra-Fire Pellet Stoves: Castile (pre 2002) Santa Fe (pre 2002) CB1200 ( pre 2002) MT Vernon -...